The Treble Spankers

The Treble Spankers are now an integral part of Dutch music history. Their first album Araban earned a cult status at US college radio. The next single Red Hot Navigator became a radio hit in Holland, their second album Hasheeda lingered in the Dutch Album Top 100 for weeks and even stood at the top of Holland’s leading music magazine OOR’s ‘moordlijst’. Glorious shows on the Lowlands festival and Pinkpop proved their triumph is no accident.

Success has not kept the musical cowboys from day-to-day rehearsals in order to excel in front of you as the best and most playing band of this moment. And that’s a good thing too, because a concert by these Amsterdam wags is an experience you are bound to remember for a long time. Their music is rebellious, and as mysterious as the swamps of Sumatra, and expresses the mysticism of the American Indians. One moment you find yourself on a surf board in Waimea Bay, the next you are in a seedy night club in Casablanca in 1942. Several guest musicians and other surprise elements cause a Treble Spankers’ show to be even more exciting.

These musical omnivores don’t care a rap for trends and externals. They provided magnificent songs by diverse artists such as Kraftwerk, Herb Alpert and 2 Unlimited with new energy. Casually, they added a few classics to music history by means of their own brilliant compositions.

The Treble Spankers are the already legendary Marcel ‘Supermod’ Kruup (rhythm guitar), Frank Sloos (a hypnotizing drummer), Maarten Heijblok (bass) and ‘Phantom’ Frank Gerritsen, who not only makes his guitar jump around like Jimi Hendrix in a pinball machine but can also make it sound like a macho flamenco singer from Andalusia. Be sure you get to see The Treble Spankers before they conquer the world!
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